Conducting survey through questionnaire becomes essential for market research, socio-economic research and opinion-based studies. Personal computers have become a blessing for all such branches of researches. The blessing is in the form of user-friendly programs which have made the statistical data analysis easier. Popular programs include SAS, SPSS and AMOS etc. But, SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) is the most widely used programs for statistical analysis in social sciences. It is used by market researchers, Survey Companies, Government, Education Researchers, Marketing Organizations and others.

As long as we talk about research, there will be the need of data analysis. Statistical methods are often used as a guide to interpret the data. But, the research personnel frequently get confused about the type of statistical tests to be used in data analysis. The selection of such a tool is often a difficult task without having the theoretical concept of Statistics. The Portal is conceived in response to this problem. Thus, the portal serves as a guide for research scholars and other professionals with basic knowledge in Statistics and Hypothesis testing using SPSS. It is designed to make the data analysis more comprehensive and easier.

Statistical Research